Greek consortium

Two Universities (UP, UOWM) and one business entity (SIRMET). Also, one University from a 3rd country (KUST) is contributing to the project in kind.


University of Patras (Project Leader)

Department of Environmental Engineering & Chemical Engineering Department

Prof. Vagelis G. Papadakis has extensive experience in project management (>40 Industrial, National and European projects) and is an expert on Mathematical modeling and experimental investigation of physical and chemical processes. Prof. M. Kornaros is an expert in organic wastes valorisation for production of bio-based compounds, anaerobic fermentation, exploitation of agroindustrial wastes and wastewaters for liquid and gaseous biofuels production and modeling of biological processes.

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University of Western Macedonia

Department of Chemical Engineering, Laboratory of Alternative Fuels and Environmental Catalysis

Prof. Maria A. Goula has extensive experience in reforming reactions (Biogas Dry Reforming and Glycerol Steam Reforming) and her group has produced results of high novelty value, especially in relation to factors inhibiting catalytic performance.

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Sirmet S.A.

The Company has extensive experience in project management and project implementation, including the construction and operation of anaerobic digesters for biogas production.

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Khalifa University of Science and Technology

Department of Mechanical Engineering (United Arab Emirates)

Prof. K. Polychronopoulou has extensive expertise in material synthesis, characterization and catalyst evaluation. She has published 80 peer-reviewed scientific articles (over 1400 citations, h-index= 23) and is the recipient of the Advanced Award for Research Excellence from the Abu Dhabi Educational Council (ADEC) in two consecutive rounds (2015 and 2017).

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Chinese consortium

One University (BUCT) and two business entities (BUPEE, BENRAN).


Beijing University of Chemical Technology

Biomass Energy and Environmental Engineering Research Center

Prof. Wen Wang with extensive experience in project management and is an expert in Converting biomass wastes for biogas using fermentation, Biomass pyrolysis engineering for syngas production, and Converting syngas to methane using bacteria fermentation.

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Beijing United Pioneer Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd

The Company has conducted in-depth research on the treatment of high-concentration organic wastewater using new technologies and materials, it has constructed and installed high-temperature pyrolysis treatment equipment for wastes (such as sludge). It has also constructed biomass gasification and biogas projects.

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Nanjing Benran Environmental Technology Co., Ltd

The Company designs and constructs anaerobic treatment plants.

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