The key scientific conclusions providing new insights into processes and mechanisms, and new integrated models, will be published in appropriate technical or peer reviewed journals and presented at conferences and workshops. This work is included in each scientific work package. The Greek Partners will deliver eight (8) publications in peer reviewed international journals, focusing on publications in notable publishing organizations. The Greek partners will also participate in at least eight (8) international conferences or workshops of high repute (EUROPACAT, WHEC, etc.). The Chinese consortium also aims to achieve similar results. Common publications will also result from these project and the two Consortia have set themselves the target of at least 50% of publications coming out of this project to involve members of both Consortia (i.e., at least 4 common publication). The possibility of launching a common patent application will also be strongly exploited.

Available publications

Structural investigation of the carbon deposits on Ni/Al2O3 catalyst modified by CaO-MgO for the biogas dry reforming reaction

Charisiou, N.D., G.I. Siakavelas, V. Sebastian, S. Hinder, M. Baker, V.G. Papadakis, W. Wang, K. Polychronopoulou, M.A. Goula

1st International Electronic Conference of Catalysis Sciences – Section: Catalysis for biomass conversion

10-30 November 2019

Integrated management and exploitation of multi-dispersed agricultural residues – application to energy production

Goula M.A., N.D. Charisiou, S.L. Douvartzides, G.I. Siakavelas, V.G. Papadakis, W. Wang, G. Liu

7th International Conference of Biorefinery, Johannesburg, South Africa

18-21 August 2019