Achaia: We burn the olive branches and ... ourselves

It is similar to seasonal flu and, according to scientists, increases the likelihood of strokes, heart attacks and lung diseases that can be fatal.

We are going through the middle of the danger period, the two-month period November-December, during which the burning of tons of biomass from the pruning residues takes place, with the main source being the olive, after the harvest of the olive fruit.

The photo published today by "P" was sent to us yesterday (3/12/2019) by the teacher Elias Gotsopoulos and is from a relevant altitude, from the area of ​​Elekistra.

It depicts a real cloud of soot and carbon dioxide in southern Patras, towards Saravali and Ovrya, for which until today, despite the warnings of scientists and ecologists, the State has not taken the necessary measures.

The city is now suffocatingly, its oxygen is limited in the evening hours when the combination of soot along with the burning of biomass from the fireplaces, afflicts the urban area.

According to the scientists, this two months, the people of Patras "consume" about half (45%) of the annual ... percentage of inhalation of polluted air, with the result of course that the health of thousands of citizens with poor circulation and predisposition to heart disease and lung diseases.

Original article has been published in «ΠΕΛΟΠΟΝΝΗΣΟΣ», a local newspaper of Achaia, Greece.

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